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Upload your projects to our farm directly from Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive

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Update 06 February 2017: Microsoft OneDrive has been added to the list of supported cloud services.

We are aware that many artists and teams are using online storage accounts for their projects. It’s an easy way to work together on the same files and it also has the advantage of being able to access the project from any location.

At the same time, we are aware of the fact that internet connections are not always the fastest thing on the planet. And if your project is already online, it would be a nice shortcut to have it downloaded to our render farm directly from there. So we added support for Dropbox and Google Drive, right in our interface. 

With just a click, you can copy your project file or project folder from your online account to our server. Since this is a server-to-server connection, the process is a lot faster than a regular upload from your home or office. Once the project has been copied, it will be available in your account and you can launch render jobs from it normally.

You can find more details about the entire process in our Dropbox/Google Drive article from our knowledge base.

Happy rendering!


Passionate about technology and constantly working on making a difference, Marius is RenderStreet’s CEO.

  • sundeep

    Hey Marius,

    My blend file contains a script. and the image will be rendered after altering the parameters from script. Will that be possible from drive ?

    • Hi Sundeep,

      The transfer method for the files doesn’t influence the rendering process. It’s as if your files were uploaded on FTP, and they have to be prepared in the same way.

      • sundeep

        THanks for the reply Marious.

        does that mean that i can run the script from the blend file when i m rendering in renderstreet ? we usually use blender CLI and call our code as a text file(stored separately) along with the blend file. It then renders images.

        • Sundeep,

          The ability to run scripts from a blend file doesn’t depend on the way the file is uploaded to our farm. So it will work the same way, regardless of how the file is uploaded: from Dropbox, FTP, plugin, etc.

          Regarding the way scripts can work on our platform, please get in touch with our support, from our site, and we’ll continue the discussion.

          • sundeep

            please connect me to your support in that case..