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RenderStreet supports V-Ray for Blender – currently in closed beta


V-Ray+ChaosGroup_logo_black-background1We are happy to announce that, starting now, V-Ray for Blender is available on RenderStreet. We just launched the closed beta stage, and we are working hard on polishing the interface and mopping out the potential bugs.

The on-going effort on integrating V-Ray in Blender – started by Andrei in 2011 and now continued by Chaos Group – made us decide to add it to our service.

If you want to have a sneak peek and be one of the first to have access to our closed beta program, drop us a line. It won’t cost you anything, but feedback and suggestions for improvements will be much appreciated.

Happy Blending!

How does an online render farm work?

Blender Monkey

Using an online render farm should be an easy task. In this article I’m going to explain how to get by the basic tasks and answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • How do I send a project to a farm?
  • How do I get the rendered files?
  • Is my data secured?
  • What kind of performance boost can a farm provide?

How do I send a project to a farm?

There are several ways to send your project to a farm:

  • Upload it through a website. That’s the simplest way, it works like any online file upload – like sharing your pictures to Facebook. You click a button in a web page, select your project file or your archive, and click OK. Next, there is another button in the page for sending the file to the farm. Not all farms allow for archives to be uploaded so, if you need to upload a single file, you may need to process it to include all dependencies (external libraries, textures, etc)
  • Upload it through FTP. For this you will need to connect to the FTP server provided by the farm, using an FTP client (FileZilla is a good free FTP client). You will find the FTP server address and port in the documentation provided by each farm. You will also need to see what kinds of files are accepted for uploading and how to structure your projects in folders. This should be mentioned in each farm’s documentation.