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The Filmic Blender OpenColorIO configuration is supported on RenderStreet

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We followed the discussion around the new Filmic OCIO configuration, we’ve seen the samples and we understand what difference it can make in a project. So we added a special build of Blender 2.78a with support for it on our farm. To use it, simply select it from the supported build list when you launch a job from our interface.

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  • Philip Maiwald

    Are there any plans to bring that option into the plugin? That would make it easier to use.

    • The Filmic configuration will be included in the official 2.79 Blender version. At that point, the Filmic-enabled jobs will work with the one-click option in the plugin.

      Until then, you can still upload the job with the plugin. Once the job appears in the job list, you can cancel it from the Web interface, clone and relaunch using the Filmic Blender version. It’s an extra step, but you can use this workflow if you don’t want to pack and upload the files manually.

      • Philip Maiwald

        Ah, thanks for the tip with cancel/clone. That it quite comfortable.

  • Rodrigo Cuadriello Garza

    Is the denoising function of blender 2.78.5 currently available?

    • Yes, we have a build with denoise and shadow catcher available on the farm, You can just select it from the list of available builds when you launch the job from our interface.