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How does Blender help in industrial design? Interview with Claas Kuhnen


Maybe the most challenging aspect of our working lives is bringing new things to life and have people using them. This is particularly true for industrial designers, whose job is to combine functionality with aesthetics, and create things others love.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Claas Kuhnen and learn about his recent challenge: addressing functional design in today’s digital times. Besides running his own studio, Claas is also teaching at Wayne State University focusing on 3D design and fabrication technologies. His work was also present at exhibitions like SOFA, SNAG and SIGGRAPH.

Very excited to learn more about product design from an insider, and see some of Claas’ brainy creations.

Karen Carr: “We rely on RenderStreet for fast, scalable rendering for huge single images, and for animations”

“You guys are great! We rely on RenderStreet for fast, scalable
rendering for huge single images, and for animations, using Blender
Internal and Cycles. The service is always great, the pricing is fair
and the jobs control panel lets us see in an instant where our projects
are. We like the Blender plug-in, too: we can launch jobs from within
Blender as we work!”

—Karen Carr
Karen Carr Studio

Texture baking in Blender (Cycles and Internal) now supported on RenderStreet

Over the past months we have received quite a few requests to introduce Blender texture baking on RenderStreet. Texture baking provides a way to store color, lighting and other rendering information in UV maps and save this information on the object. This means that, once the information has been saved, the object can be viewed lighted and textured without a big computational effort. The obvious use cases are real-time systems like games and, of course, more realistic scene previews.


We listened to you and now Blender texture baking is available on our farm (for Cycles and Blender Internal).

3D animation interview: in the mind of Hjalti Hjálmarsson

 Hjalti Hjálmarsson Aside from his charming personality and humor, Hjalti Hjálmarsson is one of the best Blender character animators out there. Last year he joined the Blender Institute team and is currently working on wrapping up Cosmos Laundromat—his most challenging project so far.

I was looking for a chance to pick his brain, ever since we’ve been involved in the Gran Dillama short open movie—he animated it, we did the rendering. The following ten questions discuss the secrets of the animation craft, the benefits of Animation Mentor classes he graduated, and valuable insights on what takes to be a master animator.