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Mentoring Spherik Accelerator startups


We’re using high performance cloud services around the globe for our render farm and we’re doing this from Romania, a country traditionally associated with count Dracula and the communist regime. Allow us to update that image.

Now, the city of Cluj has been nominated the best city in Europe for air quality and Romania is among the countries with top internet speed. It’s also a software hub for big companies like Adobe, Oracle, and Microsoft. The industry is slowly making way for promising new players—ventures that make it big on the local market, as well as startups that are targeting exits within the large tech companies.

City of Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is the European Youth Capital 2015.

Guest Post: The making-of story of an instant 360º 3D scanner

What do you do when you dream of something but you don’t have the ready-made tools for building it? You take things in your own hands and build your own tools.

We continue our guest post series with an exciting story, coming from Radu, the man who built up a 3D scanner from scratch.

Kid in scanner

Radu’s kid getting 3D scanned by Tulemod’s built 3D scanner

If you haven’t heard about my city, you certainly heard about Trrransylvania! Well, that’s were Cluj is. Nope, I haven’t met any vampires (yet!) but I surely met lots of IT guys around here. With more than 10.000 people working in tech companies, Cluj is also arguably called the Sillicon Valley of Eastern Europe…  Funny enough, the startup that I am working on right now was born in the real Silicon Valley. More exactly, in Palo Alto.

Tulemod is the typical tech startup, built by technology enthusiasts, trying to change the world by developing a disruptive technology. Our vertical is the fashion industry and we’re working on a solution for digitizing apparel and enabling users to mix and match looks online with the maximum realism. It might seem an utopia but it’s actually a challenging problem that can be solved using a mixture of computer vision, 3D modelling, 3D graphics and enough programming.