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Get featured in our 2015 reel!

We’re halfway through the year now and, for most of us, the holiday season is knocking on the door. It’s also a good moment to look both back and forward to the things we’ve done in 2015 and to what’s next until the end of this year.

I know that for most of the 3D artists, one of the items that is always on the ‘to-do’ list is the reel. It’s visual art, and the first step in receiving appreciation for one’s work is showing that work to the world – in a reel. As an artist never stops working, each reel gets a life of its own, as it gets updated and evolves in time.

Guest post: Soup-to-Nuts Cover Art with Free Software

There are no limits to what you can achieve in Blender. In this next post, you will learn how to design a book cover in 7 guided steps with the author of Blender for Dummies. 

Designers, you now have the tools to kick (some more) ass using free software. Show us your first Blender cover in the comments!

Book front cover

Definitely True, by M. J. Guns

Say you’re approached with a request to produce the artwork and design for the cover of a book. The book’s author says, “I want an image of a pair of disembodied pants running around… and on fire.” That same author, for some reason, also requests that you not not pour gasoline on an actual pair of pants (or the person wearing them) and set it ablaze for a photo shoot. Something about the sanctity of human life or somesuch.