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Bassam Kurdali: ‘I see open source as a movement for social good.’

Image of Bassam KurdaliBlender is the software of choice for many 3D artists. For some, it was love at first sight, for others it’s just a program they use to deliver the work. For Bassam Kurdali open source—‘libre’ as he calls it—is more than a tool, it is the result of the evolution of human nature that achieved a new level of interaction and cooperation.

In this interview, I’m talking to the director of the first animated open movie ever made. Which is kind of cool, as his Elephants Dream might someday be mentioned in textbooks. Bassam is a wayward on his own pace, following his dreams. I wanted to discover him better, but what I got was a new puzzle. A comprehensive mind that holds so many surprising things to come.

RenderStreet One is now live!

RenderStreet ONE

We’re very excited (and exhausted after these past weeks of full speed preparations) to announce the opening of our newest program for unlimited rendering!

One month ago we started the registrations for our flat fee rendering program, RenderStreet One. The new program is designed to make rendering more accessible to every artist, and we believe it will be of great help to those who need a permanent external rendering resource, on a budget.