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Blender plugin available on all platforms

Our Blender plugin is now available for all platforms. This means you can use it in Windows, MacOSX and Linux, with Blender 2.67 or newer. After installing it, you will be able to send renders to our farm and check their status, all from Blender’s interface. The plugin handles the file upload to our farm in a secure way, and launches the render automatically. It also displays a list of your recent jobs, and you can click in the list to open the job page and download the files.

Blender 2.69 RC1 is up

blender-269RC1-splashBlender 2.69 RC1 has been put up by the Foundation about 3 days ago, so we started working on having it available on our farm as well. This didn’t take long and the new version is available on our farm right now.

Please note that this is a release candidate, so it might contain bugs. Use it on your own risk, and for testing purposes only.

Meet us in Amsterdam, at the Blender conference


Both Sorin and Marius will be in Amsterdam between October 24th and October 29th, attending the Blender conference there. Marius will also take part in the panel about commercializing, where he will present our challenges and accomplishments in working with Blender in a commercial environment.

If you happen to be at the conference this year, send us an email, or leave a comment below. We’ll love to meet you in person and have a chat.