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The new RenderStreet – new design, better prices, support for Modo rendering

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Today we are proudly launching our new website and we’re very excited about the changes that are rolled out in this new version. It’s the most important release since our service has been launched and it’s something that all of you will benefit from. Read on for more details:

  1. New design. If you are following our blog, you should be a bit familiar with the new design concept. You have seen it first published on our blog theme, and now we have pushed the update to the entire public site. In addition to the design, we have also reorganized some of the pages, in order to present our service in a clearer fashion. We hope you’ll like our new looks, and more importantly, that you will be able to find the information easier.

    1. New pricing. There are a few things to mention here, and I’ll explain why they happened:
      • The Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum plans are no longer available. We have reached this decision because the plan structure proved to be confusing for some of the users. So we simplified the things even more, and now there is a single on-demand plan, which will give each user as many servers as they need for their project. In addition to the on-demand plan, there is RenderStreet One, and we are also opening up the Studio plan we have been offering to select studios on an invite-only basis for some time now.

        New, better pricing for rendering from RenderStreet

        New, better pricing for rendering from RenderStreet

      • The CPU servers are now cheaper than the GPU ones. There were a couple of reasons behind this decision – the first one being the actual cost of the servers, and the second one the fact that large renders usually go on CPU. We brainstormed for a while to find the best way to address both items, and this was the optimal solution. Think of it as a permanent and free upgrade to the old Platinum plan. And to keep things clear, you can now see the hourly price for each job in the job details page. Happy rendering in 2017! 🙂

        Hourly price and the rendering device (CPU or GPU) stated explicitely in the job details page

        Hourly price and the rendering device (CPU or GPU) stated explicitely in the job details page

  1. Support for Modo. We have decided to add support for Modo on RenderStreet because we feel that the Modo community is similar to the Blender one in a number of ways. Some of the users say that, once you start using Modo, you won’t go back. This is a special kind of dedication, and we’ll do our best to match it with the quality of our service. The closed beta program has been running for a while, and now we have opened it to the world. We will service both communities with the same level of dedication moving ahead and we hope to become the preferred render farm for the Modo world as well.

    New! - Modo rendering on RenderStreet

    New! – Modo rendering on RenderStreet

Happy rendering!
Marius Iatan
CEO, RenderStreet


Passionate about technology and constantly working on making a difference, Marius is RenderStreet’s CEO.

  • Hi Marius, those are great news! So happy to see how RenderStreet is growing! Just a comment on the new website, make sure there is enough contrast between the body text and the background, some parts are difficult to read (i.e. pricing table) Keep the hard work

    • Thanks for the feedback, Mauricio! Can you please give me more details about what information is hard to read for you? The text in italics from the table in the pricing page?