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Launching RenderStreet for Artists program

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A great event may be measured by the ideas and projects it generates. For us, Blender Conference was the place where we came up with a way to help Blender community develop.

We are officially launching the RenderStreet for Artists sponsorship program in which we will provide selected projects with free rendering on our servers.

The only requirement for applicants is that their project is open and all the resources are made available for anyone to use. It may be an animation film, a 3D image, whatever you decide to work on that needs fast rendering.

We have a fixed budget allocated for each month, so we might need to be selective with the requests. However, if you don’t get selected, and you are not in a hurry, your project will be rescheduled for the coming month. Also, we kindly ask that you credit RenderStreet for this. This way, others will find out about the program and benefit from it.

To sum it up, this is how it goes:

  1. You have an open project made with Blender that needs rendering and do not have the money for it.
  2. You apply by writing us at sponsorships@render.st pleading for your project. Just tell us what it’s it about, how is this going to influence the Blender community, show us your previous work and anything else you think will soften our hearts.
  3. If the project gets selected, we’ll create you a free account on RenderStreet to start rendering the work. If not, we put you on the next month’s applications list.
  4. After rendering is finished and work is done, please don’t forget to mention RenderStreet for Artists program (on your website, social media) so others can also benefit from it.

Our previous experience with open projects was so fulfilling that we decided to do this for a longer period of time.

Caminandes Ep.2, an open movie project produced by the Blender Foundation, that started off as a pilot, has been processed in our render farm as part of this initiative:

Also, we’re helping out Luke’s Escape eerie animation created by Waqas Abdul Majeed that is coming out next year:

Bassam Kurdali’s Wires for Empathy (the Tube project) is the third project that will benefit from this program. You can follow the current state of the movie at urchn.org

RenderStreet for Artists will run until November 2014, and we hope to have many of you on board!

Sabina is our social media expert and she has the difficult role of making RenderStreet's online presence an interesting and meaningful one.