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Best Cloud Service Start-Up nomination for RenderStreet at EuroCloud 2013

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As winner of the Romanian Best Cloud Startup award, RenderStreet participated in the European contest for the Best European Cloud Startup organised at the EuroCloud Congress and was a runner-up for the title.

With over 300 industry and government experts from 23 EU states and around the world, the EuroCloud Congress is the place to be for learning about new developments in the cloud industry.

RenderStreet nomination

RenderStreet was finalist for Best Cloud Services Startup at the EuroCloud Congress 2013. Image source

Ranging from technical solutions to legal aspects, the talks covered a wide range of information on current state of the cloud, as well as outlined future trends and developments. The chosen location was the Chamber of Commerce building in Luxembourg.

We were invited to present RenderStreet and our in house built software platform in a panel on multi-cloud technologies. We believe that cloud technologies will play a dominant part in the upcoming internet of things and in our everyday life. And, with technologies that make use of the combined power of several cloud providers, the limits will be pushed farther than ever. Some of these technologies are available even at this moment, provided by companies like ECManaged and Nuage Labs.

EuroCloud Congress was a great experience where we got plenty of first hand insights into cloud challenges and solutions. The cloud computing technology is evolving rapidly – prepare to get connected!

Passionate about technology and constantly working on making a difference, Marius is RenderStreet's CEO.