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3rd party funding now available

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A new feature is now available on RenderStreet: 3rd party funding. It allows you to receive funds intro your RenderStreet account from another person or company.

Such a feature can be used for:

  • allowing your clients or partners to fund your account directly;
  • allowing another person from your company to fund your account.

The payment methods are the same ones already accepted on RenderStreet. (PayPal, major credit cards including Amex)

We have the highest regard for your security and privacy and the feature is implemented so that it works without disclosing your account information or your login details. Thus, from your billing page, you can generate a one-time use payment link that you can send to the paying partner.

Your partner then clicks the link and adds the specified amount to your account. When the payment has been completed your account will be credited with the corresponding funds.

Keep an eye out for our next update!

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