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Ward Trolley Animation, Rendered with RenderStreet

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For me, a true artist is someone who can turn the general everyday into something new and spectacular: taking the subject from a different angle and expressing it differently, or raising an argument that wasn’t there before. In our days, 3D technology allows this approach on almost any subject. Even to things least expected, like hospital trolleys.

This is what Dan Woolley did when assigned with a job to present the newest ward trolley for a medical trade show. He gave this instrument life and transformed it into art. Of course he used some tricks here and there – a creative genesis-like intro, an enticing musical background. But to imagine these things starting from such a sterile brief takes more than mastering Blender, or any other software.

The animation creatively presents the components of the latest ward trolley from Refreshment Systems. Dan Woolley explains the tools he used. “I have used Pro Lighting Studio lighting rigs as a starting point for the lighting in my latest project. I couldn’t use the plugin properly as I am using V-Ray for Blender and it doesn’t work. So instead, I used Cycles and Pro Lighting Studio to light some basic shapes and then “made the lights real” and converted them to V-Ray lights.” The whole project took two weeks to complete. It was modeled with Blender and we took care of the V-Ray rendering on RenderStreet.

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    Stunning work, such a sexy way to showcase a not so sexy product. Top notch work!!